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    Jordan's Ingame Moderator Application.



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    Jordan's Ingame Moderator Application.

    Post  JordanTheBeast on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:45 am

    In real life name:: My in real life name is Jordan.

    Age: I'm 17.

    My maturity level(1-5, 5 being most mature) 4. Most people would probably say 5 so you think they are mature, but everyone has not fully matured to a point.

    How long have you been playing this server? (Must Play More then 2-4 Days before posting or you will not be accepted) I believe around 4-7 days.

    The position i'm applying for: Moderator or Admin.

    Why I would like this position: The server has not got so many players at the moment, but I believe with my help it could be adveritsed more on different servers. I can also model new items and am beginning in graphics. So if you need any help like that Fox, ask me.

    Experience: Yes, usually a main point. I have been owner several times, due to mainly being active a heck load, and doing some modelling and graphics. Admin I have been on a few servers that I have played, around 7 or 8. Moderator I have gained even more around 10-12 times. I'm not implying by any of this that I would be the best choice, that is your decision Fox. I just think we could make a good team, and hopefully make the server go on for a long time.

    Other Info: I hope we can talk more Fox, as I have yet to meet you. You seem nice, and mature with your everyday manners. If you have skype or msn add me on them Fox, just leave me a PM with your email and i'll be straight on it.


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